Sight Word Resources

Chula Vista Elementary School District requires all kindergarten students to master 50 sight words by the end of the year.  At Camarena, we actually learn 100 sight words.

I have been noticing many students are either losing their flashcards on the classroom floor or they are not being kept at home and put on their ring.  I am concerned that they do not have a complete list and are therefore, not practicing on a regular basis.

I have uploaded 2 folders of resources, one is for the 50 words and the other is for the 100 words.  If your child is having difficulty memorizing the words we have learned so far, please use the folder that focuses on the 50 words.  If your child is pretty up to date with our words so far and can read them within 3 seconds each, you can move on to the 100 list. Remember sight words SHOULD NOT be sounded out, they should be memorized.  The reason they are also called high frequency words is because they are the most frequently used words in all forms of text.  Therefore, reading these words fluently (within 3 seconds) will greatly improve reading fluency.

Please use these resources and have fun practicing the sight words!

Q 4 Flash

Q 3 Flash Cards

Q 2 Flash Cards

Q 1 Flash Cards

Sight word lists 1-10

CVESD 50 flash cards



October 22, 2018

Upcoming Events

Camarena Elementary School - Official Site

October 22-26
Monday, October 22 – “Sock it to Drugs” Crazy Sock Day!
Tuesday, October 23 – “Hair’s to a Drug Free Life” Crazy Hair Day!
Wednesday, October 24 – “Wear Red to Shine all Day”
Thursday, October 25 8:30 am – 10:30 am “Team up Against Drug” School Spirit Wear
Friday, October 26 8:30 am “Scare Away Drugs” Wear You Best Costume

Halloween Costumes:  Please note that students may wear Halloween Costumes for our Costume Parade ONLY on Friday, October 26.  The Halloween Costume Parade will begin at 8:30 am to 9:30 am on the blacktop after teachers have taken attendance.  Students must follow the following guidelines:

  • NO masks or makeup, weapons (fake guns, swords, sickles, etc. or props (broomsticks, light savers, etc.).
  • Costumes are to be tastefull and appropriate (no foul language or messages).
  • Blood, guts, and gore are not allowed.
  • Wear costumes on top of their clothes and remove…

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Kinder Thanksgiving Feast

Dear Parents and Families,

On Friday, November 17th, we will have our annual Thanksgiving Feast. We are busy getting ready for this special day by learning about Pilgrims, Native Americans, and the 1st Thanksgiving. Please sign up to donate one of the items on our list. ALL ITEMS MUST BE STORE BOUGHT. Please sign up for an item on our poster hanging in the class.  If you do not pick up your child from school, I will send home a paper copy.

In order to make our day a big success we will need lots of help. Please bring your item to the auditorium on Friday by 11:00, or send in with your child that morning. Our feast will begin at 11:30. It would be great if we could have some help before, during, and after (please do not bring siblings). Please sign up to volunteer by returning on the handout coming home today. Parents are welcome to enjoy the feast as well. Bring your appetite!

After students are done eating, they will go back to their classrooms with their teachers. Dismissal is at 1:00.



Kindergarten Teachers


This Week’s Events


Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon Week and it is a fun week at Camarena. Click on the flyer to see each day’s spirit wear!  Red Ribbon Week

Halloween Parade

The Costume Parade will take place on Friday 10/27 on the blacktop first thing in the morning, rather than Halloween day. Please check the Camarena Elementary blog for more information on this in the upcoming week. Parents are welcome to watch the parade in the morning. Students will then change out of their costumes for the remainder of the day! We will also do the Halloween goodie bag Friday!

Oma’s Pumpkin Patch

We will be going to the Pumpkin Patch right at 9:00 a.m. If you have not turned in your child’s permission slip and money, please do so asap!  If you do not turn in your permission slip, your child will have to remain at school in another teacher’s classroom for the day.  Also, be sure to pack your child’s lunch that day to ensure they get a full, healthy meal. If you are chaperoning, you can meet us there or follow the bus.  We will return to school around 2:00 with regular dismissal at 2:30.  Please check the weather, and dress your child accordingly and pack lots of water for them to drink.

Plant Study

We have begun to study plants, and if anyone would like to donate a small sturdy potted plant with saucer to our classroom, we would greatly appreciate it! We will be comparing and contrasting different kinds of plants as well as parts, life cycle, needs, etc.

Curriculum Night and other stuff

Hi everyone!

I am attaching the curriculum night powerpoint for those of you who could not make it.  Please watch it and if you have any questions, please ask me at dismissal or email me.  Please make sure your child brings their red homework folder EVERY DAY to school. The actual homework packet is not due until Friday, but the folder comes everyday! 

Also, please remember our Library day is Tuesday, so we will be going tomorrow and the children need to bring their books back to be able to get a new one. This week we will have VAPA again on Thursday.   In the afternoon, they will have the VAPA teachers rotate through the classes, as well as dismiss them in the afternoon.

If you haven’t signed up for a parent teacher conference time, please do so when you pick up your child.

Thanks for all of your support!


Upcoming happenings

Hi all!

Well, we started off the week running and everyone is doing great! Just a few tears here and there, but those have evaporated already!  Thank you for preparing your children and kudos to them for being brave in starting this new adventure at Camarena!

Next Wednesday, Aug.2nd  is Curriculum Night at 3:30 and I wanted to let everyone know that there will be NO childcare provided.  The kinder teachers are doing it at different times in their classrooms and that makes it difficult to provide. Please make arrangements accordingly, it should be about an hour. We will be going over the academic component of Kinder, so please come with your questions. It will be a great time to clarify anything for you!

Also tomorrow, Thursday begins VAPA, our Visual and Performing Arts rotations.  We will have this every other Thursday in the afternoons.  We have an amazing VAPA team of teachers that will be teaching the kids everything from Art to Music!  While the teachers rotate to our rooms in the afternoons, the kinder teachers will be collaborating upstairs.  The VAPA teachers will be dismissing the students from school, so do not be alarmed when you see him or her.  I am so excited for this as the kinders usually love VAPA day!

Thank you all for your donations to the classroom! I am blessed to have such incredible support! You are amazing!

Save the Date for Curriculum Night!


This is a meeting for parents, but childcare will be provided in the auditorium (thanks to our principals!) or you can pick up your child at 2:30, drop them off at home, and come back.

Please make sure at least one member of your family can attend the meeting. We will be discussing what your child will be learning in kindergarten, as well as homework, and classroom environment.

Thank you!