Curriculum Night and other stuff

Hi everyone!

I am attaching the curriculum night powerpoint for those of you who could not make it.  Please watch it and if you have any questions, please ask me at dismissal or email me.  Please make sure your child brings their red homework folder EVERY DAY to school. The actual homework packet is not due until Friday, but the folder comes everyday! 

Also, please remember our Library day is Tuesday, so we will be going tomorrow and the children need to bring their books back to be able to get a new one. This week we will have VAPA again on Thursday.   In the afternoon, they will have the VAPA teachers rotate through the classes, as well as dismiss them in the afternoon.

If you haven’t signed up for a parent teacher conference time, please do so when you pick up your child.

Thanks for all of your support!



Upcoming happenings

Hi all!

Well, we started off the week running and everyone is doing great! Just a few tears here and there, but those have evaporated already!  Thank you for preparing your children and kudos to them for being brave in starting this new adventure at Camarena!

Next Wednesday, Aug.2nd  is Curriculum Night at 3:30 and I wanted to let everyone know that there will be NO childcare provided.  The kinder teachers are doing it at different times in their classrooms and that makes it difficult to provide. Please make arrangements accordingly, it should be about an hour. We will be going over the academic component of Kinder, so please come with your questions. It will be a great time to clarify anything for you!

Also tomorrow, Thursday begins VAPA, our Visual and Performing Arts rotations.  We will have this every other Thursday in the afternoons.  We have an amazing VAPA team of teachers that will be teaching the kids everything from Art to Music!  While the teachers rotate to our rooms in the afternoons, the kinder teachers will be collaborating upstairs.  The VAPA teachers will be dismissing the students from school, so do not be alarmed when you see him or her.  I am so excited for this as the kinders usually love VAPA day!

Thank you all for your donations to the classroom! I am blessed to have such incredible support! You are amazing!

Save the Date for Curriculum Night!


This is a meeting for parents, but childcare will be provided in the auditorium (thanks to our principals!) or you can pick up your child at 2:30, drop them off at home, and come back.

Please make sure at least one member of your family can attend the meeting. We will be discussing what your child will be learning in kindergarten, as well as homework, and classroom environment.

Thank you!

Color Days and Library Day

Color Days and Library Day

Color Days begin next week! Please have your child wear these colors on these days!

  • Monday- RED
  • Tuesday- ORANGE
  • Wednesday- YELLOW
  • Thursday- GREEN
  • Friday- BLUE

Library Day

Tuesday at 12:30 will be our Library Day each week.  We will go for the first time this week to learn about the Camarena Library.  We will learn about how the library is organized and how we check out books.  Each week your child will check out one library book.  S/he will be able to bring it home to read together for one week.  Before the following Tuesday, please have your child bring the book back to our classroom so we can return it on Tuesdays.  If your child does not return the book by Tuesday, s/he will not be able to check out a new book.  If the book is damaged or lost, you will be charged for the book.

Kinder Orientation Powerpoint

Kinder Parent Orientation Revised 2017-2018

Welcome Kinder Robogrifins 2017!

I am so excited to meet all of you and our newest little Robogriffins this year in kindergarten! We have a busy week planned with getting to know each other, our classroom, school, and our amazing staff!

Here is some important information regarding this first week of school…Please subscribe to this blog. It is my main mode of communicating with all of you about events and updates in our class as well as at the school. Look for the button in the top right corner that says “Follow” and fill in your email to stay in the loop.

Also, please sign up to receive text alerts by sending the text message @4k3784c to the number 81010.

This week’s schedule is as follows…

Wednesday 8:15-12:00

For morning drop off, please bring your child to the big black top and line up on letter S.  Check that the sign that says Romaneli and look for your child’s nametag in the blue pocket chart. If you have your white emergency card filled out, please give that to me.  I need these cards completed asap!  This information tells us who you authorize to pick up your child from school. If you have the rest of the paperwork, please keep it all together in the provided envelope and put it in the bin below the pocket chart.  Help your child form a line in front of my table with the class.  After I arrive, please say goodbye to your children from here, we want to avoid parents coming into the kinder playground area. Dismissal will be at 12:00 from the classrooms. Please park in the front of the school and the 2 gates should be opened at 11:55. Please form a line on the blue tape outside of our class and I will open the door to welcome you in.  Please have your IDs ready to show me. Please be prepared that this will take some time as I am checking Ids until I get to know each of your faces and your patience is greatly appreciated. Please pack a healthy snack for our child  this week as we will not be having lunch.

Thursday 8:15-12:00

Morning drop off is on the blacktop with the rest of the school.  My class will line up by the letter “S”. Dismissal will be from the classrooms. Remember to have your IDs ready. Please remember there is no playing on the play structure or with the equipment after school. Pack a healthy snack for your child as we will not have lunch.

Friday 8:15-12:00

Morning drop off is on the blacktop for the rest of the school year. Dismissal will be from the classroom for the rest of the school year. Please be patient as I will be checking IDs each day until I get to know your faces! Pack a healthy snack for your child as we will not have lunch.

Thank you! There is so much to know and do in the beginning of the year!  Make sure you are subscribed to the school blog also to receive important information at 

How to contact me…

Room: 401

phone: 619-591-5500

Thank you and looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

PTA Nominations are needed!